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Calm For Christmas

A 90 minute Free Webinar where you'll learn some practical tools to increase compassion and connection this holiday season whatever your circumstances.

Thursday November 24, 2022 -

7am AWST/10am AEST/6pm EST/3pm PST

Do you long to feel calm and connected during the Christmas holiday season?

Wish there was a way for you to move through the holiday season more connected and less stressed, more compassionate and less chaotic?


I know how you feel!


I used to struggle big time with  anxiety, and stress. At my lowest, I felt like there was no way I’d be able to break free of the cycle. I thought that was just the way my life was going to be.


Thankfully, I learned to hold myself through, build consistency, courage and authenticity and am now fulfilling the dreams of my life - including navigating the complex times of Christmas Holidays!


The key was learning that you can feel fear… and still do the things that terrify you... and more importantly, HOW to do that.


Now I help other people put an end to the cycles of negativity that are blocking them from the full and aligned lives they want to lead.

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I'm Mira

I’m a certified coach (with an MBA to boot). I also serve as a yoga teacher and the creator of the Embodied Living Method.  


I want to invite you to a 90 minute Free Webinar full of tools to help you regulate your nervous system, find empathy for yourself and others and plan out a calmer Christmas for all.


Resilience and Embodiment Coach

It’s time to change from a coercive to compassionate Christmas experience

Who this is for:

✔️ Kind, honest people who want to feel good about their choices this Christmas, are tired of feeling pressured and coerced and want some tools for feeling connected and compassionate with themselves and others at Christmas time 


✔️ Authenticity seekers who are tired of trying to fix themselves to fit other people’s or society’s agenda instead of their own and want to learn how to feel better about having and setting boundaries as they navigate the holiday season


✔️ Caring truthful people who struggle to figure out a way through insecurity and self doubt in a way that feels right for them to make the choices for Christmas season they most truly deeply want...

What we'll cover is how to:

  • Make your own choices about what you want to do this Christmas, what you want to spend and how you want to feel…

  • Set some boundaries with family and friends

  • Find your center and calm amidst challenging family dynamics

  • Find compassion and connection if you are alone

  • Pour empathy towards yourself and those around you

Thursday November 24, 2022 - 7am AWST/10am AEST/6pm EST/3pm PST

What People Say

“Since working with Mira I’ve stopped overthinking - I was so in my own head - and I’ve become more present with family, able to take and enjoy holidays and able to deal with problems at work without fear. I am so much more at peace. ”

- John

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