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Overcome Procrastination:
A Compassionate Approach





Learn Embodied Living - harness the power that comes when you befriend your nervous system and make it your ally in your goals and dreams. In this course you will learn to understand and regulate your nervous system to take you from stuck-ness into motion and movement towards your goals.

Mira's techniques made it possible do one small task, even though to do so felt hard.

I was really nervous about showing up to this workshop as I am very stressed and overwhelmed - I am moving and looking for a job at the same time and Mira's workshop offered a space in which to take action in a manner that was supportive to where I am right now.

Thank you so much Mira for sharing your wisdom and skills.

~ Emelia 

Did you know that procrastination can be a symptom of CPTSD or unhealed trauma that "dis-regulates" our nervous system and our emotions?


When we understand this, we can offer ourselves more kindness. 

When we know how to regulate the system, we can become much more effective at moving through our blocks. 


If you'd like to experience what it's like to work through a project or task you've been putting off with the help regulation tools - using embodied practice to ground, centre and grow - I will teach you how in this webinar.

Mira is great at explaining tricky concepts clearly and with ease.


This little power hour had some lovely simple tools to use for dealing with stress leading up to to tasks.

Looking forward to more insightful and helpful nervous system regulation info 😊


​Whether you are already familiar with your nervous system and how it functions -- or just beginning to see how procrastination affects your life - this 1hour webinar is designed to help you create (or improve) your self regulation strategies and to learn which tools and structures will best help you grow towards your goals.

Take this webinar to establish a firm foundation for understanding how to move through procrastination and into purposeful productivity.

You will be enjoying purposeful productivity when:

1) You can identify exactly what is happening in your nervous system that is getting in your way

2) You can use the RIGHT tool to help you feel both more calm and more energised to get back on track

3) You begin making some progress towards your goals and stepping through your fear - compassionately - when it arises

If you'd like to have this kind of experience, get this webinar to:

- Learn the three modes of the nervous system and how they show up as procrastination symptoms

- Learn and test out different tools and strategies to see which ones work best for you

- Start setting goals that are in line with who you truly are

- Ensure you have a solid emotional foundation to move towards your goals and through your obstacles

The webinar was amazing. Mira had a perfect balance of theory and practical application.


She is an expert on the topic and also an empathetic presenter who creates a safe environment, so important for learning new behaviour processes.

~ Celina


  • 1 hour webinar recording

  • 5 page Slide Presentation to help you consolidate and remember what you've learnt

  • Annual Embodied Envisioning Template for tracking your goals and how you will regulate yourself through any fear or procrastination that arises

  • Bonus mini recordings (1-2 mins) of three "resilience reset" recordings you can use to regulate or calm your system and help you get back to work when you need it 

  • By the end of the course you'll feel more energised, relaxed and confident about breaking that pesky procrastination habit and still treating yourself with love and kindness

Everything included for just $19.99

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