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I love working with individuals and organisations to build Embodied Resilience. 


Whether you are looking for coaching, one-to-one yoga instruction or programs for organisational resilience, I use a blend of somatic tools (yoga and body awareness) with self reflection and mindfulness to take clients through a journey of Embodied Loving, Living and Leading for more resilience, connection and steadiness in their lives and workplaces. 


Please click on the relevant image below for more detail on each service.

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Yoga Sessions

Private yoga instruction allows you to explore going deeper into the practice for more therapeutic benefit. I help you learn the postures and approach to practice that will most support physical and emotional resilience in your life.

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One-to-One Embodiment and Resilience Coaching 

I work with clients through coaching, 1:1 private yoga and psychotherapy helping them learn and practice Embodiment and Resilience Skills to both heal from the past and build a more resilient future.

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Organisational Resilience Programs

I deliver online "Stress Less at Your Desk" and "Embodied Leadership" programs using self-awareness, resilience and embodiment techniques to help build resilient and collaborative cultures within organisations.

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