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Hi, I’m Mira and I want to extend you a warm and resonant welcome to my page.

I am a Resilience and Embodiment Coach, a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur. 

Over the years I have found it a very useful process to take some non-pressured time to meet and get to know each other a little bit and see if it feels right to work together.


I offer brief free introductory calls for us to get to know each other a little, for you to describe more fully what you need and me to describe more fully what I can offer. You can book a free intro zoom call with me below, I look forward to meeting you.

Want to get to know me a little more first?

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What Embodiment and Resilience looks like in your life:

  1. The capacity to be with feelings and sensations arising in the body without reacting or numbing (fear is a pretty intense sensation)

  2. The ability to understand and interpret the signals of our bodies and use them to take care of ourselves and better contribute to the world

  3. The ability to regulate and manage our physical state so we can better function in our daily lives - with less fatigue and stress

  4. The skill to set goals and directions for our lives that are resonant with who we truly are

  5. The disciplines, habits and practices that allow us to be resilient, to bounce back quickly and compassionately

To learn more...

My Services

Whether you are looking for coaching, group or one-to-one yoga instruction or programs for organisational resilience, I use a blend of somatic tools (yoga and body awareness) with self reflection and mindfulness to take clients through a journey of Embodied Loving, Living and Leading for more resilience, connection and steadiness in their lives and workplaces. 

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