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Hi! I am Mira and I am so glad you are here.


✨It is my pleasure to introduce you to Embodied Living - a systematic method for harnessing the intuitive power that comes when you befriend your nervous system and make it your ally in your healing and growth towards the life you want.

✨Below is a link to an introductory video where I explain the ways you might learn more about working with me or book an introductory call. I look forward to getting to know you more. 

✨ p.s. I am offering a special discounted session only for those of you introduced this way :)


Discount is included in the price of $110AUD for the intro session.

Book your intro call

Client Testimonials

I began work with Mira a little over a  year ago to help with anxiety. I would wake up in the middle of the night with "my head is going to explode" feelings.  I didn't know what was going on and why I hadn't found a way past this despite all the spiritual and psychological healing I had done. Understanding the "hostile" nature of my brain to protect me was key to re-regulating my biology. Today when a life experience happens and my brain activates, I can stay with the experience and then my regulated self can flow with joy. This work has shifted me to a loving balanced plain of existence beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Mira. 

~ Michele

I came to Mira needing help with getting back on stage to sing and reconnect with the importance of music in my life. I’d had a long break away from my music and I was still affected by some negative experiences from decades ago. 

Mira helped me understand exactly where my nervous system was hijacking me (in trying to protect me from new hurts) and gave me a simple map to apply to my day to day life. I came out of each session with a renewed sense of hope and energy, along with practical tools to follow for the next session. 

🎶🎶Working with Mira set a whole series of little breakthroughs in train! I was given a space to practice and a great opportunity to perform with a fantastic band. I knew I was ready to accept the challenge and apply the tools in every part of the performance. Thank you Mira. Words cannot describe how grateful and happy I am!!

~ Kate

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