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Move Your Mood


Move Your Mood is a 6-week supported and small group program for ADHD’ers who want to go from a living life feeling overwhelmed, anxious and pressured, toward feeling more productive and present in their lives.



  • Hard on themselves and feeling frustrated at not getting things done or moving forward no matter how hard they try

  • Having physical or mental symptoms of stress and burnout - headaches, high blood pressure, tension in the shoulders, head and neck

  • Unable to switch off and move away from their thoughts and into action

  • Feeling overwhelmed or in conflict at work

  • Feeling rushed and not present in their relationships

  • Needing to work on executive function skills that will help them be more organised



  • Cope more effectively with overwhelming or stressful situations

  • Structure your days in ways to be more active and productive

  • Quickly recognise the signs of distress arising in your body so you can attend to them compassionately

  • Apply your knowledge about the nervous system to assemble a practical tool kit that will help you influence and shift overwhelm and anxiety - on the spot when you need it most

  • Name and map out the elements that shift you into anxious states and behaviors and prepare more effectively for stressful situations


The Move Your Mood Program uses a Polyvagal Theory approach to understanding the nervous system with appropriate psycho-education, combined with gentle guided practical movement exercises to empower and provide REAL TIME insight into the benefits of self-awareness related to Mind/Body connections.


  • Weekly 120 mins supported access to two highly skilled mental health practitioners

  • Impact and effectiveness of the program monitored

  • Practical resources and tools provided to complement work during and outside of group sessions

  • Capped group size at 10 people to ensure maximum engagement and benefit for all participants.

  • Pricing options: $199 per session OR $567.15 x 2 monthly payments (5% discount) OR $1,075.60 (10% discount)

  • Medicare rebate of $22.90 per session with a valid referral from your GP or Psychiatrist


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Matt Miller is a keen advocate for self-care and listening to your body. He assists clients to develop practical skills that enable them to learn how to regulate their bodies, and therefore improve their confidence in processing their challenges more effectively.


As a Registered Psychologist with lived experience of ADHD, Matt has found that his personal practice of gentle movement, yoga and meditation, alongside improving his knowledge of his nervous system responses, have enhanced self-awareness of bodily reactions to stress.


Matt continues to practice what he teaches and will be fully immersed as an active participant in all components of each Move Your Mood Session.

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Mira Rao is a Resilience and Embodiment Coach, MBA and Yoga Teacher whose mission is to contribute to building a world in which people are confident in the wisdom of their bodies, consciously and intentionally resilient with the ups and downs of life and empowered to live the lives they actively choose rather than reactively inherit.


People seek her out when they’re burnt out on getting stuck in their past in therapy or whitewashing their pain with toxic positivity in coaching.


They want to release old trauma and stress patterns, learn deep and steady self compassion and make significant changes in their life to move forward with resilience and confidence.

Classes to be held at Partners in Psychology Clinic at 2/138 Main Street, Osborne Park.

This program may not be appropriate for everyone. There is an application process to determine if this will be a suitable fit. We will contact you to guide you through this.


Email: to register your interest in the program.

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