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A Gentle journey back to your body and back to yourself 

What is Trauma Informed Yoga and why is it important?

Traumatic experiences can often leave us with bewilderment in our relationship with our bodies.


We might feel things that don’t make sense or seem out of our control.


We might be completely numb and shut down, we might feel intense sensations of fear or panic that don’t seem to fit the situation.


When we have experienced an overwhelm of some kind in our emotions and bodies, we can tend to feel disconnected, stuck and powerless.

Trauma-Informed Yoga can help us to reconnect with our bodies in a safe way allowing us to get “unstuck” and gain a sense of agency and regulation.


In a Trauma-Informed Yoga class, every pose is an invitation (not a command) and an exploration for you to learn about your own nervous system. The focus is on how it feels to your body to meet a pose or a practice, not on fitting yourself into the “right shape”.


In this environment you can discover what best helps you feel safe, supported and able to feel things that may be difficult to feel. Feeling is healing and learning to do this in a mindful and supported fashion will help you build true, flexible resilience in your life.



12 Week Term Starting Tuesday February 20th



Breathing Space Health and Wellness Centre

69 South St, Beaconsfield WA 6162, Australia


  • Cost:

    • There are three ways to pay:

      • 12 weeks upfront (15% discount) of $479

      • 2 payments (10% discount) of $249

      • 3 x monthly payments of $189

  • Call 0450 576 043 for more info, inquiries or bookings

"I look forward to TIY Yoga every week, its one of the only places I can actually slow down to connect to myself and my body, slowly on my terms without the pressure or fear of having to push too hard or having to compete. I sleep the best I do all week after going to class. It's a weekly reminder of how to be gentle and kind to myself with Mira's guidence I take that softness into the rest of the week. This class is something we could all use to re-learn how to treat ourselves. Its exactly the class i've been looking for. "

- Chloe Weston, Fremantle WA. 

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