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A gentle yoga class to improve muscle and joint mobility and overall wellbeing.  

Why come to Senior's Yoga?

Senior's yoga is for anyone that may be struggling with stiffness and general aches and pains in older age. 


A class that allows you to go at your own pace with no pressure to perform. You will be supported and guided into the postures within your capacity.


No matter your limitation you are welcome as you are.

A playful check in at the beginning of class allows Mira to structure her sequence to suit everyone's individual needs on that day.  

You will gently be guided to tend to your physical body, connect to your emotional and inner world, leaving you feeling calm relaxed and optimistic about life. 

A chance to meet new people and make new friends where you are welcome to join the regulars for a coffee afterwards! 



6 week term starting Tuesday November 24th


Heart Place Yoga Studio,

Fibonacci building,

19 Blinco St Fremantle.


  • Cost is $146.85 INC+ GST for the term

  • Call 0450 576 043 for more info, inquiries or bookings

Jo, Age 86

“It doesn't matter what you show up with - some of us have hearing aids and Mira speaks up for those who need it. I really miss the class when it's not on and really notice the difference in the stiffness in my body and general wellbeing"

Annette, Age 81

"If you are limited it's not a problem, Mira adapts to whatever limits you have and there is no pressure to perform. I leave feeling like I have space between my joints and am much less stiff in my back and body"

Jill, Age 71

"Mira is always clear about the postures down to very slight muscles and movements and attentive to what we need. She helps us pay attention to our bodies and also our inner life. "
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