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Embodied Envisioning

An online webinar 

It all starts January 1st 2022

Do you have big dreams for your life, relationships, and business  that are constantly being thwarted by your insecurities, fears, and doubts?

Wish there was a way for you to move through the negativity so you could finally have all the things you want for yourself?


I know how you feel!


I used to struggle big time with low self-worth, anxiety, and self-sabotage. At my lowest, I felt like there was no way I’d be able to break free of the cycle. I thought that was just the way my life was going to be. 


Thankfully, I learned to hold myself through, build consistency, courage and conviction and am now fulfilling the dreams of my life. 


The key was learning that you can feel fear… and still do the things that terrify you... and more importantly, HOW to do that.


Now I help other people put an end to the cycles of negativity that are blocking them from the full and aligned lives they want to lead.

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I'm Mira

I’m a certified coach (with an MBA to boot). I also serve as a yoga teacher and the creator of the Embodied Living: Embodied Leading Method.  


I want to invite you to a 5-week masterclass series specifically for sensitive, talented, creative women with a fire inside who currently feel restless, KNOWING that they are not yet living their full potential.


It’s designed to help you step fully into who you are, and create integrity and power through aligning your inner self with your outer reality.


Embodied Living, Embodied Leading

It’s time to stop downplaying your awesomeness and start bringing it all together.

Join me for a 5-week masterclass series where you will get clarity about what’s really holding you back, find, claim, speak and own your REAL, authentic goals and dreams, and figure out how to take them from “if only I could” to “I am so happy I did”.

Who this is for:

✔️ Talented, sensitive, creative, passionate women who are ready to stop playing small, amplify their truth, step into being the leaders they are and create more order and impact in their life.


✔️ Powerful, passionate and sensitive women who are tired of trying to fix themselves to fit other people’s or society’s agenda instead of their own


✔️ Powerful, passionate and sensitive women who struggle to figure out a way through insecurity and self doubt in a way that feels right for them and go after the things they really truly deeply want...



Change The Way You See Yourself

In this week you’ll discover how to put an end to endless self criticism and chatter in your mind. I’ll share one key paradigm shift that will change this once and for all.



Align Your Actions With Your Values

This week, you’ll discover where the gaps are between what you think you want and what you actually want. I will teach you how to uncover your true values and get you feeling clearer and more confident about who you are.


Discover The True Meaning Of Self Love

This week we’ll revisit our definitions of what it means to love. I will reveal the secret sauce for moving into actively loving yourself...



How To Praise Yourself The Right Way

Done with all those lovely but hollow affirmations that don’t truly make a difference? This week we’ll explore one key adjustment you can make in your self talk that will support you massively to take action in the direction of your dreams.


How To Stop Pleasing Others And Start Pleasing Yourself

Chances are you love giving. You are probably great at giving love, help and compliments to your friends, colleagues and partners but not so much for yourself? This week I will reveal one top tip for maintaining the motivation to love yourself.



It all starts July, 22, 2021

FB Lives Begin 7pm AWST/9pm AEST
7am EST/1pm CET

What People Say

I have had a wave of songwriting inspiration thanks to YOU!! Songs have been streaming from my body with ease. It feels so good to be inspired again after probably a couple of years of songwriting block.

- Lexie

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