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All of You is Welcome Here

Sometimes I am astounded by what a difference simple acknowledgement makes.

I go learn another modality or tool and weave it into my practice.

I’m excited to see the impact.

And then I check.

If things are working and change is happening, I wanna know - what is making the difference?

And it keeps circling back.

So many of us hunger for it because it’s so rarely given.

Judgment, fixing, ignoring, minimising, dismissing.

These are the things we know and expect.

These are the things we learn to give ourselves.

But I hear the message again and again.

Clients tell me:

“Just having you listen”

“Just feeling and acknowledging what’s going in on my body”

“Just paying attention to my breath”

A lot of our so-called “problems” come from the fact that we push away and won’t accept the reality of our human selves.

Sometimes all it takes is to just listen, acknowledge and pay attention.

Simply showing up to welcome all parts of yourself is the healing because nothing is broken and you don’t need fixing.

You just need welcome.

My friends, find a place where all of you is welcome.

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